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the u.s. you will see about 81 degrees in houston, 73 in denver, 43 windy and rain into new york. temperatures around the bay area in the 60s and the 70s. the next couple of days we drop those numbers off again. thursday and friday look like they could be occasionally wet. dry warmer weather returns for the weekend. elizabeth? >> thank you. what a mess in the east bay. avoid the caldecott tunnel. eastbound 24 is closed between the wilder exit and orinda. it's because of a multi-vehicle crash and a big rig trailer overturned. so again closed just in the eastbound lanes. the trailer is apparently blocking all lanes. freeway. it's right now at a standstill. unfortunately, westbound is really backing up, as well. jammed up beyond saint stevens drive and growing. so as far as alternates go, eastbound 80, highway 4, bart is probably going to be your best bet because both directions coming into and out of the caldecott tunnel are being impacted. not sure if it was a foggy commute across that stretch but fog is going to affect your visibility many parts of the bay area. you can see it t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1